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Plan a perfect faimly wedding with Shiva Caterers – Best Wedding Planner & Caterers in Chandigarh

So it is that time of your life when you’’re getting cold feet because D-Day is finally here. It is up to you to organize your daughter’s wedding and you definitely want it to be the greatest show on earth.
Relax. The good news is that you have professionals like us at your disposal to sail you smilingly out of these days.

Why Us

It is not just the enormity of the task that might make you consider hiring a wedding planner. Unlike your father or uncle, you are unlikely to have the time to run around and find the best people or the best rates, whether for photographer, decorator or card designer. And the days when relatives pitched in are gone–they’re busier than you. And even more significant, no one really has the kind of expertise or experience in this area than we as planners have.

We are the best wedding planners and caterers in Chandigarh. Forget about the sleepless nights of the anxiety of endless calculations and estimations and just give us a call. And we will be right there beside you, taking care of everything from the date of fixing of marriage till the time the Bidaai ceremony is completed.
Yes! We are Affordable as Well…

See! What we can do…

We can come into the scene the moment the date is fixed. First, there will be interactive sessions with you and your family on plans and budgets. After a few sessions, we will bring you options under various heads like venue, theme decor including flowers, lighting, entertainment, photography and videography. Then, we will get the best quotes from vendors to suit your budget, and help you negotiate the rates. If our clients have preferred vendors, we make sure they work better for them. Once the vendors are fixed, we will not only finalize the deal but also brief them about the requirements. For instance, we will brief the lighting men on just what will match the theme or color. During the function, we will supervises the work of the vendors to ensure that the plans are faithfully executed.



When it’s imperative that a party or fundraiser go smoothly, it’s time to hire the best event management services. We are the best event planners and the best caterers in Chandigarh. By handing the details of your event over to an event management team, you ensure that the occasion be executed with the utmost professionalism. Behind every event that looks carefree and entertaining is a meticulous event management team.Event management begins with the booking of talent and venue, but ultimately entails so much more. From arranging location, to securing contract details, event management specialists know how to take care of the details. We can help recommend talent according to the type of crowd you wish to draw, and help you figure out how best to stretch your budget.

When you’re booking the best talent, you want to make sure that the rest of the event management is also first-rate.

We handle nothing but the best and ensure that every detail about your event combines our high standards of class and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re putting together a county fair or coordinating a corporate Christmas party, we are able to help you bring together a professional, enjoyable affair.

Most event management companies won’t handle all of these details, and they certainly won’t at our low prices. But We believe that your event should be the best that it can be, and we pride ourselves in the flawlessness of your affair. Make your next affair a smash hit, by letting Jain Caterers team coordinate your next important event.

Event marketing is a powerful and exciting medium in which to communicate with an audience. People remember what they experience, and events offer a live extension of an organization’s brand personality. We look at the key elements of successful event management.

Theme Parties


Theme parties have become the latest trend to have fun time with friends. To make a theme happen all the items to be used in the event are created in the line of the theme like plates, decoration, dresses, food etc.The decoration of the venue can also be shaped up in differene types like beach, ship, vehicle etc. The real benefit of themes is that they help you to choose the food, decorations, music and games to make that party work for you.

We are specialized in organizing theme parties. We have been organizing these types of events for all categories and age groups like children, adults, office colleagues etc.
Every one wants to have great parties. Not just the kind of party where one can spend a lot of money to take invitees to some place, but the kind of party that will create a memory for the rest of their lives.



While some years back, wedding receptions were traditionally held at the Brides home. Today receptions can take place in Hotels, Banquet Halls, Clubs, in Hired Premises, From a Village Hall to a Stately Home etc.
Remember that the number of people who come to attend your wedding may well dictate your choice of venue or vice-versa. Most reception venues will cost for per head for food and drink, plus a hire charge for venue and also the cost for any entertainment, a toastmaster, cake-stand etc. So decide roughly what your budget is and your ideal head count and then the venue price range will become clear.
Wedding ceremonies and receptions takes place just about anywhere including boats, gardens, restaurants and churches etc.

You may decide as to whether you want a traditional wedding ceremony with lots of candles and flowers or a contemporary setting with silver and white balloons and an ice sculpture.

Its very important to know your budget while deciding for your wedding as it gives you an idea of how many decorations you can reasonably incorporate into your wedding. Remember that careful planning is necessary to avoid costly mistakes.

If you are having a formal wedding, you are likely to celebrate the event in a wedding hall. Furthermore a traditional wedding is never held in an untraditional place. So the wedding hall is just the right place for the formal wedding festivities. No doubt, you would prefer the wedding hall to become a place where Cinderella met her prince.

We have both indoor and outdoor venues that depends on the theme, size of the crowd and the season. We ensure that the Banquet/Farm House team, work smoothly, with us as a team in ensuring that the function is a success.



The invitation is an important part of any party or special event providing important information for the guest, such as the time and date, location, and style of dress.
The size of the invitation is normally same in most cases but to give that extra look to your invitation ,innovative ideas and sizes can be made available .The invitation can be send in many shapes and sizes as per the taste of the invitee. For example, a corporate house recently sent invitations in the shape of scotch whisky bottle neatly cut and carved, anothet one sent it in the shape of venue model in a glass enclosure and another one in the shape of boat.
The type of paper to be used in invitation depends upon the theme of the event. For marriages and formal functions, heavy designer paper is used normally.
But for special types of invitations all types of imported papers are available. Unlimited font styles and ink colors are readily available as per the choice of the invitee. Designer graphics and enclosures can also be added to give special effects to the invitation.

An invitation should have all type of information a guest may like to know like the name of the host, time, date and location. If the event is theme based the invitation should also include a brief description of the required dress. Parking and volet options must be mentioned as special instructions. For any additional or limited invited criteria, enclosures can be added in the invitation.

We have tie-ups with most reputed couriers agencies to deliver your invitation well in time to local as well as outstation/ abroad destinations. A special team of high profile executives can also be hired to deliver the invitations personally.

So, Make your Wedding a truly memorable one, by availing our services.



Henna and Mehndi art have been around for over 5,000 years and has become widely appreciated today in many lands. Mehndi has always been considered as one of the most important part of every Hindu wedding.
Most attractive, appealing and ethnic work of mehndi increases the beauty & charm of would be bride in an exotic way.

It is assumed that the depth of love between the marrying couple is reflected by the outcome of colour of Mehndi applied on the hands of Bride. Therefore, it is a parameter for the love between the marrying couple and considered as an important ritual for the wedding.All the close friends and female relatives of the bride also use applying of mehndi to show their affection and close relation with the family of the bride.During the Mehndi application ceremony traditional songs are sung to put a glory and feeling of good luck to the bride. Traditionally the name of the bridegroom is worked into the Mehndi pattern of the bride.Get coloured and glitter mehndi designs from specialist mehandiwalis.Our Mehandiwallas offers you a complete range from traditional to coloured mehendi, Arabic, shaded, tattoo, black outline, zari and glitter, shaded and diamond mehandi.So, Make your wedding a truly memorable one, by availing our special mehndi services.

Live Shows


Live entertainment is the most preferred choice for any event whatsoever nowadays. Live entertainment always goes over extremely well with a crowd no matter if you want a Comedian, Big name in Bollywood or T.V. personality, Music Band, Sports Figure etc.
After meeting a famous individual the invitees feel that their lives have been somehow forever changed. The feelings of individual touching capture their mind by just being in the same vicinity.
Rather than something that has been taped, people love to have the interaction with someone live. There is an old saying famous for the same f”is it live or is it Memorex”. The live sound and the atmosphere created because of the same make People most excited. The feeling of being right in the middle of the mix is really loved by the crowds. Such kind of feelings are extremely exciting and energy charged.

The outcome of a recent survey of how someone enjoyed different types of entertainment it was discovered that people who had just seen a live concert had given a far far better response than those who had seen one on telivision. Seeing something that can never be seen again gives a special feeling to the invitees. Invitees not only take in the sight and sounds but also the other senses.

Any affair can be powerfully infused by live music with melody. A good live music act can add life and spirit to the event besides creating an atmosphere where people participate and really cut loose.

We handle all the contract and booking details.

We make direct booking thus cutting costs on live music acts up to as much as 50%. The higher quality talent can be booked at half the price because of timely booking through right channel with whom Jain caterers have a long standing tie-up.

Now a days, Organizing a live show in every function has become a fashion and all the big parties and celebrations are incomplete without such shows. The host and the guests are made to dance along with the performers. The duration of the show depends upon the mood and spirit of the invitees and the invited.

We organize:-

  • Live Musical Nites Disc Jockey to make you dance all night
  • Film celebrities to entertain you
  • Ghazal Nites
  • Bhajan Sandhyas Qawwalis
  • Dandia Nites
  • Kavi Sammelans

& any other event you can think of.

So, Make your Show an Instant Hit, by availing our services.



We offer to make to the perfect arrangements for you, all within the limits of your budget .

Your guests will remember you warmly and thank you not only for an enjoyable time at the wedding, but also for a pleasant and comfortable stay.

We offer a choice of Luxury rooms in 5 star hotels to medium and low budget rooms. Besides this we can also arrange well furnished apartments.

So, Plan Perfect Arrangement for the guests, by availing our services.

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